Weather conditions cause wear and tear to many features outside the home - including your mailbox. So, the United States Postal Service is requesting residents to check it before they wreck it. Saturday marks the end of Mailbox Improvement Week, the USPS's annual request to keep your mailbox tidy and within regulations.

The USPS recommends these checks and fixes:

• If loosened, remount your mailbox post.

• Tighten or swap loose hinges on mailbox door.

• Rusted or peeling? Repaint that mailbox.

• Add or swap house house numbers.

And if you're installing a new receptacle or custom-built mailbox, it needs to conform to local, state, federal laws and highway regulations. And it needs to remain consistent with size, strength and flag guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"Repairing mailboxes improves the appearance of our community and makes delivering and receiving mail safer for our carriers and customers," Kristy Anderson, strategic communications specialist, said in a news release.