Rutabaga’s the word, er, the veggie for 2019, according to the Duluth Community Garden Program.

The root vegetable, which is similar to a turnip, is good as a base for different sauces, and can be used as a string spaghetti, said Maris Dishno of the DCGP. Past winners have been the onion, carrot, squash; last year, kohlrabi.

To be considered, a veggie needs to grow well in Duluth, store well during a Northland growing season and increase food access, she said.

Duluth Community Garden Program is a local nonprofit that aims to make gardening accessible for Northlanders. The veggie of the year is connected to their One Vegetable, One Community program, an education-based, healthy-eating initiative to gather community around growing and cooking a single vegetable in Duluth, Dishno said.

And who picks the belle of the ball? Attendees at the nonprofit’s fall harvest dinner, where community members cast their votes.

“People like to give speeches, they like to do poems, presentations,” Dishno said. One woman played “The Rutabaga Boogie.”

“That might’ve gotten people to vote for the rutabaga,” she said.

Read more about the rutabaga here, and visit DCGP