A military veteran is the $1 million Powerball winner from a Superior convenience store.

Glen Erickson of Superior matched five numbers - 10, 17, 18, 43, 65 - not including the Powerball in the Saturday, Feb. 2 drawing, and collected his prize Friday, Feb. 22.

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He purchased the ticket at the Kwik Trip on 3027 E. Second St., which will receive a $20,000 retailer incentive for the sale.

A player's odds for winning the $1 million Powerball prize is 1 in almost 11.7 million. The $1 million prize marks the highest Wisconsin Lottery payout to date in 2019.

Erickson told lottery officials that he did not use a particular method when he bought his winning ticket.

"It wasn't anything more than 'dumb luck' on a quick pick," he said when he claimed his prize.

A conversation with a coworker about the local Powerball win in Superior piqued Erickson's curiosity before he decided to do some further investigation himself.

"I work part time and my co-worker told me that there was a Powerball win in town and mentioned the location," Erickson said. "It got me curious, but I didn't have the ticket with me at the time. I called my elderly mother and asked her to go to my desk and read the number to me. After the call, I told my co-worker that my numbers matched. They went crazy, but it still had not hit me."

Erickson said he plans to live life as usual and already has a specific plan in mind for his winnings.

"It won't change who I am, except that I'll have the ability to help more of the people that I want to help," Erickson said.