I enjoyed a birthday feast recently off the weekend brunch menu at Chester Creek Cafe. It was after noon, and I hadn't eaten all day, so the choices looked especially alluring. It was hard to decide between the inventive assortment of pancakes, omelets, sandwiches and more. I chose the Ham & Gruyere Crepe for $11, described as a "chive crepe, ham and gruyere cheese, bacon jam, Brussels sprouts and fried leeks."

First of all, it smelled amazing. Take a moment to enjoy a whiff and appreciate how pretty it looks on your plate. After that, it's a choice of whether you want to scoop up the hearty veggies underneath, or cut into the crepe, soft yet cooked crisp in spots, filled with a perfectly portioned salty bite of ham and cheese. There's an underlying sweetness to the bacon jam, but everything else in the dish is rich and savory. I ate only half of my meal; the rest kept nicely for me to eat later in the day.

For dessert, I enjoyed the Pot de Creme, which on this day was a chocolate cream with a layer of ground hazelnuts for $8. The server brought two spoons, and I'd agree it's fit for sharing. I still ended up bringing home half of it, and it was just as delicious later. The hazelnuts were thicker in texture than the creme, providing a nice contrast in flavor and texture. The toppings made the whole thing a very fun dessert, three layers of tastes, chocolate curls to pick off, and a candied nut to top it off.

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