I believe very much in body-positivity. Please believe me when I say you are amazing and beautiful whatever shape, size or weight you are.


I usually sit for a minute after climbing the stairs from the parking garage at work.

I don't get out for walks much since my heel is months into a painful case of plantar fasciitis. Self-diagnosed, sure, but trust me; that's what it is.

And I'm gonna have to buy new underwear if I don't put the brakes on my eating a little bit.

I've written in the past about my love of video games, fast food and staying inside during the winter. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that I again find myself not fitting into my pants as comfortably as I'd like.

Related contentI've also written about how I don't adhere to any New Year's resolutions. But the News Tribune is organizing this "Duluze" contest, you see, and I want in.

"You can't win the prizes! You work here," said at least three members of the promotion staff, to which I replied, "I KNOW!"

I've worked here long enough to know I can't win anything, sheesh.

But much like an old group of friends getting the band back together, but in a bigger sense, nothing like that at all, I spearheaded the formation of a News Tribune newsroom Duluze Weight Loss Challenge team.

We have features editor me, executive editor Rick Lubbers, managing editor Peter Baumann and Superior Telegram photographer Jed Carlson.

Lubbers - who is my boss, by the way - competed in the last Celebrity Dance Challenge run by the Minnesota Ballet. That gives him some street cred, in my estimation, that, despite having a job that lands us editors on our butts for much of the day, he's willing to get up and move.

Baumann is the most recent Twin Ports resident among us. He moved here from Wyoming this year, and that means he can be on my team. Wyoming is big, right? He must be used to walking.

Then there's Carlson, whom I estimate to be about 8 feet tall and doesn't actually have a job that makes him sit at a desk much. But I suspect his motivation to join the team had something to do with squeezing into a small airplane to get aerial shots of the recent grain-elevator fire. That sounds like strong motivation.

And finally, team member me, who has nothing much to recommend herself except that my weight tends to yo-yo, and I'm at the top of my "yo" right now.

The contest is extolling lifetime changes and new, permanent habits, and I understand that's the healthy approach. But I feel like it's too much pressure. Even if weight loss doesn't last forever, I think dialing it back now and then is a good thing. I don't want my weight to go up and up and up. Let's bring it back down, settle in, avoid the need to buy new pants - another thing I've written about.

Our team is hoping to have some stupid fun with the contest. Maybe we'll lose weight, too, but more importantly, we'll get in a little better shape and enjoy some camaraderie.

If you want to join, too, the News Tribune is taking teams of two or four. Sign up at duluze.com, and be sure to attend the weigh-in event at Clyde Iron on Jan. 17. There's a $15 per person registration fee, half of which will be donated to CHUM. Prizes are offered. Goody bags are in the mix somewhere, too.

But I won't get any of that. All I can hope for is that Lubbers will walk into the newsroom with a full bucket of chicken because he explicitly said we're allowed to bat it out of his hands if that happens. Game on.

Beverly Godfrey is features editor of the Duluth News Tribune. Write to her at bgodfrey@duluthnews.com.