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Photo gallery: Final frames from Bob King

Bars of clouds mimic the upper span of the Aerial Lift Bridge earlier this week. Bob King / rking@duluthnews.com1 / 5
A squashed sun, distorted by the atmosphere, lays a thick gleam trail on Lake Superior at sunrise seen from Skyline Parkway. Bob King / rking@duluthnews.com2 / 5
A group of teenage girls take pictures of each other with the rising full moon along the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth last summer. Bob King / rking@duluthnews.com3 / 5
Two ships, one inbound, the other outbound, pass one another on a foggy Lake Superior on a recent bitterly cold night. Each glows a different color from their onboard lighting: one orange from sodium vapor, the other crackling white with LEDs. Bob King / rking@duluthnews.com4 / 5
A pile of bricks from the Superior Street reconstruction forms a small mountain in front of Maurices Headquarters this summer. Bob King / rking@duluthnews.com5 / 5

Final frames

I love taking photos, but sometimes there's no room in the newspaper for random images taken on the fly. That's why on this, my last Blink for the News Tribune, I put together a few photos of things that moved me. Simple stuff we all enjoy — a moment, patterns and all things Lake Superior. When I retire next week, I'll leave the paper and all the wonderful people and adventures that have been a formative part of my life. But I know I'll never be able to stop my brain from responding to moments and wonders by lifting a camera and framing them inside a simple rectangle. A rectangle that's framed my life.

By Bob King /