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Things we like: Breakfast sandwich at the School House Cafe

The breakfast sandwich at the School House Cafe in McGregor was the perfect meal for a certain kind of Sunday. Christa Lawler/clawler@duluthnews.com1 / 2
The School House Cafe in McGregor has a perfect schoolhouse exterior and retro interior. Christa Lawler/clawler@dulutnews.com2 / 2

We had never needed breakfast-with-a-capital-b more than on a mid-morning, mid-September drive home from a reunion weekend on Gull Lake. We hadn't ruled out gas station delicacies — it was that kind of day — when we found the opposite.

McGregor's School House Cafe looks like a drawing of a schoolhouse: all straight edges with squares and triangles, red wood with white trim, a schoolhouse bell. Inside, it's decorated with vintage and kitsch, old musical instruments, books, cowboy boots, retro gas station and street signage, maps, a wagon, a desk, memorabilia plateware.

We both got variations of the breakfast sandwich — egg, cheese and meat on a square of croissant bread served with hashbrowns. Me: bacon; Him: sausage. We didn't even talk. We just scooped hashbrowns and chewed.

This was the perfect warm, gooey, salty, buttery, crispy roadside find. To think we had almost microwaved something maybe even made by robots. If not full-on love, this meal tasted like it was made with a whole lot of like.

The menu — thick slabs of French toast, things with gravy, an honest-to-goodness casserole — is a mix of ways to warm your innards. Our meals came with a sample of bread pudding. And, in a case at eye-level, a mound of sugar, cinnamon and frosting. This must be one of Grammy's homemade rolls.

School House Cafe

Address: 14 Country House Lane, McGregor

Phone: (218) 768-2403