Q: I am planning a new bathroom and want to include natural stone sinks in my budget. All I care about is the sinks are natural stone, so I am open to style suggestions. What types of stone bathroom sinks have you installed and what do you like?

A: For all around ease of installation, product availability and dramatic style, I like vessel-type bathroom sinks made from natural marble. Many of these natural material sinks are handcrafted from a single piece of stone, making them one-of-a-kind items.

Since it is a vessel design, you get to show off the marble on both sides of the sink. A stone vessel sink can rest on top of a natural stone countertop, allowing you to create striking contrasts.

Your faucet choices will be limited to wall-mount or tall vessel-type faucets, and both can be pricey. Natural stone sinks are also very high-end items, and the choice may not be practical if you're looking for rock-bottom prices.