Karen Sunderman, host of the regional A&E program "The PlayList," was asked about some of the more memorable segments from the past 99 episodes.

Here are some of her top picks:

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Trampled by Turtles at Pizza Luce

Look closely in the background of the footage and you can see Sunderman in a rare role: videographer. She was one of a handful of camera operators recording the event that launched the series in 2010.

"I got to be on stage behind them, getting a sense of what they see," she said.

The 50-minute concert got a special screening in front of an audience at Teatro Zuccone, in addition to airing on television.

Homegrown Music Festival: New Band Night

Sunderman found herself back on stage for Season 2, Episode 2, "New Band Night" of the Homegrown Music Festival. Four bands performed, including Roxie Magistrate, The Horror, Damn That Swenson Band and Aaron Gall and the Likely Story.

The final act included a washboard, a woodwind, a brass section, an arts and crafter and model whose shirt was arts-and-crafted on.

"It was crazy. That was such a funny night," Sunderman said. "It was very interesting from that vantage point. You're a fly on the wall. You're watching this amazing thing unfold."

Nancy Miller, sculptor

Nancy Miller of Eveleth is a mosaic artist who has done things like make a high heel shoe-shaped bird bath. During Season 3, "The Playlist" visited her yard, which is a sort of museum of her work -- including a polka dot Bob Dylan profile. While "The Playlist" crew was in town filming a different segment, they ran into Miller late at night.

"(She was) laying on the ground next to this mosaic rose wearing a headlamp," Sunderman said. The artist had taken to working when there was less foot traffic.

Plein air painting in Grand Marais

Dozens of artists gather in Grand Marais for a quick-paint competition, a race to create a piece of work in 90 minutes. The reality-program style episode checked in with the painters in motion and included a countdown clock. It ended up winning an Emmy Award.

"(Photographer Steve Ash) said 'What if we got them to trash talk,'?" Sunderman said. "They were funny. You just get to meet artists not as artists on a pedestal."

Fever Dream in studio

Marc Gartman of the 1980s-style synth band Fever Dream performed his song "Hold On" in studio ... in front of a green screen.

"That is what he wanted," Sunderman said.

He ended up playing in front of a retro band logo, for a vintage MTV-meets-infomercial aesthetic.

Cars & Trucks

The local trio performed "Rock and Roll is Complicated," accompanied by a fist-pumping, white-robed choir at stage left. It was the band's second appearance. The first time, they got stage crashed by a dancing Grim Reaper when they performed "We're All Gonna Die."

Guest pianist Alexander Korsantia

The Duluth Superior Symphony orchestra brought in a guest pianist and "The PlayList" scored a performance. Except, there ended up being a technical malfunction.

"I looked across the booth and (Steve Ash) was holding one of the keys to the piano," Sunderman said.

Korsantia still played on the program, but selected a different song.

"He never should have played for us," Sunderman said. "He should have said 'No way.' Three cheers for gentlemanly showmanship."