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Reader's view: Thanks to Dayton for protecting wilderness

I feel lucky to live near an amazing wilderness for remote hunting and fishing. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is what drew me to the University of Minnesota Duluth for college. I spent countless days paddling, tripping, camping, fishing and hunting in the BWCAW. In college I would lead groups to the BWCAW to grouse hunt. Hunting was good and the backcountry travel helped us improve our woodsman skills. These grouse-hunting trips led me to deer hunting in the BWCAW. Deer hunting in the BWCAW is difficult, but the challenge of chasing big bucks in the wilderness is worth the effort.

We need to protect the lakes and rivers that make up the Boundary Waters. I am glad Gov. Mark Dayton agrees that the Boundary Waters is too precious to risk (“Twin Metals mine is threat to BWCAW, Dayton says,” March 8).