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Reader's view: Nolan fights for Iron Range in world war over steel

While Republicans control both houses of Congress and trip over each other to undermine President Barack Obama, Minnesota’s 8th District has a world-class fighter in U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan. Case in point: our hundreds of jobless Iron Range families who are victims of a steel world war.

While Republicans in Congress obsess about Obama and Minnesota Republicans obstruct Gov. Mark Dayton’s attempt to deliver help from our booming state economy, Nolan joins other fighters like Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, to break the steel-war logjam. According to Brown, “China has more steelmaking capacity than the entire rest of the world combined. They can’t keep their steel mills busy because they don’t have that much domestic consumption. China is always trying to sell steel at below-market prices — so-called ‘dumping steel’ is the term the trade lawyers use.”

Nolan, from a mining state, and Brown, from a steelmaking state, form an axis of action we all should support at, where names can be added to the plea to “please stop (the) dumping of foreign steel.” Help Nolan by going there today.

David Strand