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Reader's view: Nolan does little for state’s mining industry

My hometown of Silver Bay recently was devastated with the news of as many as 540 layoffs by Dec. 1 (“Cliffs to idle Northshore Mining due to taconite woes,” Nov. 18). Since June, nearly 1,200 steelworkers have been laid off.

The issue is far bigger, though. The mining industry is a way of life in northern Minnesota. To most residents of the 8th Congressional District, working in the mining industry is a lifestyle, not just a job.

The failures of Washington are to blame for the increased layoffs on the Range. The EPA and the special interests both play a role in it, and our Rep. Rick Nolan has done little to change any of it.

Nolan has done little but double talk since going to Washington. He originally voted against the Keystone pipeline. He repeatedly has supported the EX-IM bank that subsidizes foreign mining companies that produce cheap steel. Also, he has done very little to end the red tape that has held up the PolyMet decision for more than a decade.

The mining industry can no longer afford a congressman who says one thing but does another. Our way of life hangs is in the balance.

Tynan Clark

Silver Bay