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Reader's view: Vote Kirby, Sandstad and Van Nett for School Board

David Kirby, Nora Sanstad and Renee Van Nett bring a wide range of experiences, commitment, knowledge and relationships to the Duluth school district. They understand the role of a School Board member, and each bring unique qualifications. They have demonstrated their abilities to work effectively on boards, and each brings extensive and valuable history serving on numerous community boards.

Kirby has four children, two of whom attend Ordean East Middle School and two who are adults. Sandstad has two children, including one starting kindergarten at Myers Wilkins. Van Nett is a foster parent with three children at Piedmont, Laura MacArthur and the Adult Learning Center.

They bring a rich background of professional experiences working with individuals and families from many walks of life. Kirby has a Ph.D. in education and is a family physician. Sandstad is a former teacher and currently a St. Louis County lawyer. Van Nett works as an employment liaison with Community Action Duluth.

As a School Board member, I’d welcome their positive vision, collaborative leadership styles, breadth of knowledge and life experiences. Please vote Tuesday for School Board candidates David Kirby in the 2nd District, Nora Sanstad in the 3rd District and Renee Van Nett At Large.

Rosie Loeffler-Kemp


The writer represents the 1st District on the Duluth School Board.