Unofficial condensed record of proceedin

Unofficial condensed record of proceedings of the Regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 709 held at Denfeld High School Media Center, 401 North Forty-Fourth Avenue West, Duluth, Minnesota 55807, on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. A copy of the full minutes may be seen at Suite 108 of the UHG Building, 4316 Rice Lake Rd or online at the school district’s website. Members present: Kelly Durick Eder, David Kirby, Rosie Loeffler-Kemp, Jill Lofald, Alanna Oswald, Amber Sadowski, Paul Sandholm, and John Magas, Superintendent. Chair Lofald called the Regular School Board meeting of March 15, 2022 to order at 6:35 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was given. Approved the agenda as presented. Received public comment, communications, the Superintendent’s Report, and the calendar of events. Approved the Consent Agenda (other items): Minutes: February 15, 2022 Regular Meeting Resolutions: HR-3-22-3875 Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement between ISD709 Duluth, MN and Education Minnesota Duluth Integration Specialists (ISPEC). HR-3-22-3873 Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement between ISD 709 Duluth, MN and Food Service Employees Collective Bargaining Agreement, B-3-22-3876 Acceptance of Donations to Duluth Public Schools, B-3-22-3877 Acceptance of Grant Awards to Duluth Public Schools, SP-3-22-3878 Resolution for Board Members to Attend Duluth Days at Capitol, SP-3-22-3879 Resolution for Board Members Attendance at MSBA Phase III and Phase IV Workshops, SP-3-22-3880 Resolution for Board Member Attendance at Inclusive School Board Leadership Workshops Actions Items: Human Resources Staffing Report Financial Report Bids, RFPs and Quotes: Bid 1300 – Network Wireless Infrastructure Contracts: None Change Orders and Leases: None Diploma Requests Field Trip Requests: None Policies for First Reading: 110 Duluth Public Schools Website Accessibility Policy Policies for Second Reading: None Committee Reports: Monthly Committee of the Whole – March 1, 2022, Policy Committee – March 3, 2022, and Human Resources/Business Services Committee – March 7, 2022 Chair Lofald adjourned the Regular School Board meeting of March 15, 2022 at 7:55 p.m. (May 28, 2022) 68833