The meeting was called to order with all members present.

The meeting was called to order with all members present. The minutes and treasurer's reports were given and moved to be accepted as read.
Old business: The sludge in the lagoon was discussed and tabled until next spring. Guthmiller has not returned Darren's phone call about
cleaning the lagoon out. Candyce contacted the lawyer about zoning ordinances. It was discussed if a new business wished to be established in Woodworth they would need to seek the council's approval first. There is still one delinquent water bill, his curb stop has been located and his water will be shut off until the time payment can be made. The water pumped from the old water system has filled the lagoon to keep it from freezing this winter.
New business: There is a clean water fund that the board is considering to fund the cleaning of the lagoon. Becca questioned whether a railing should be installed at the door to the firehall.
Since it is the fire departments building, she should take her concerns to the fire chief. A certified letter will be sent to a local establishment about tires laying on the right of way of the street and the street. The trees at the dump ground were pushed up and the city will pay the elevator for the use of their equipment.
Bills were read and motioned for approval by John and seconded by
Sharon. Meeting adjourned
Linda Clark auditor
(Nov. 24, 2021) 2911141