September 19th, 2022 City of Gladstone C

September 19th, 2022 City of Gladstone City Council Meeting Minutes 6pm – 8:15pm Subject to Approval Present: Randy Wyatt, Paul Reinbold, Mark Erdman, and Darrell Sadowsky via phone. Mayor Randy Wyatt called the meeting to order. Motion to approve the August 1st Meeting Minutes was made by Paul. Mark mentioned waiting to approve the minutes until Darrell can read them. Christina said the Council has a quorum so she asked if there will be a second; there was no second so the motion died. The minutes will be reviewed at the October meeting. Public Meeting: The Council discussed the proposed dog breed ordinance. Christina mentioned the City of Minot, who the Council mirrored its draft after, appealed their ordinance. Randy suggested moving forward with a fencing ordinance specified for certain dog breeds. Mark suggested developing certain requirements such as height and type of material; Paul suggested the height be 5ft. minimum. A few citizens expressed concerns over allowing electric fencing. Paul suggested requiring a privacy fence. Mark asked if it should be required to have a kennel with a roof/cover. Paul mentioned a case by case review for dogs that have a fence but can still get out. Christina asked that the Council members email her with their proposed thoughts/suggestions on the fencing requirements. The Council reviewed a letter from a concerned citizen regarding the old Gladstone sign off Main Street, as well as the streets needing to be cleaned. Randy mentioned putting the sign replacement on the agenda. Paul mentioned calling the Heart River Lodge number listed on the back of the sign to inform them of the potential removal and/or see if they are still in business. A few members of the Senior Citizens club expressed their concerns about an incident with Mayor Wyatt, Paul Reinbold, Tony Jasmann, and the water being shut-off at the Senior Citizens Center. A member of the Senior Citizens read a letter of accusations which Mark Erdman confirmed he wrote. Randy responded to questions presented in the letter. He said he didn’t turn off the water, nor did he tell anyone to do so. He also noted there was an argument between Mark and Tony but the Sherriff’s Department is handling the situation. He also explained the ice-skating rink spigot and why it was taken out. Lorraine asked who told Randy the water was turned off; Randy said Mark. Mark asked who has the tools to turn off the water; Randy said anyone that has access to the shop. Mark asked who shut off the water; Randy said he did not know. Christina suggested moving on in the agenda. Attorney Report: Dana Sorenson paid his violation fees for having too many dogs. Christina believes some of the animals have been seized. Maintenance Report: Paul said the sewer flushes have been completed and the street sweeps have started. Paul discussed Tony moving his maintenance office to the old City Hall building. Paul mentioned that Tony reported the old school was broken into again; Randy will try reaching out to the owner. Old Business: Charlie Parker attended the meeting to discuss his property. Charlie mentioned his family has been cleaning it up. Charlie said he never told anyone it would be done by the end of the summer. Randy mentioned a state grant that could assist with the cleaning process; Maria will mail him the grant information to look over. Christina asked Mark to send the safety manual to her in a Word document. The Council reviewed the cardboard roll-off. Paul said there seems to be a lot of people from The Pub parking around it. Randy suggests keeping the cardboard roll-off until the end of the year, then reassessing. Mark suggested having the roll-off during busy seasons, like the holidays. Jordan will look into the costs. Richard Coker attended to discuss his and Chelsee Martin’s chicken permit. Richard brought a diagram of where the chicken coop is located. He said he will have a roof on it soon, then he will call Mel to have it inspected. Randy said after their current licenses expire, they will have to re-license for the ordinance limit of six. Motion to allow Richard and Chelsee to keep their eleven chickens until March 2023 when their licenses expire was made by Darrell, seconded by Mark, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to waive the inspection fee for Richard and Chelsee’s chicken coop was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Council discussed the Auditor position. Randy and Paul held two interviews for the position. Paul would like to move forward with hiring Maria. Randy would like Jordan to train her. The Auditor position and Jordan’s new position will be outlined at the October meeting. The Council offered employment to Maria in the Auditor’s Office as the Auditor; motion was made by Randy, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Council reviewed the KC Club Raffle Permit application. Motion to approve the application was made by Mark, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Randy discussed increasing the mowing fees. Randy suggested increasing the fee to $250/hr. Christina said the City of Dickinson’s fee is $500/hr. Christina suggests updating it when adopting the new fee schedule in January 2023. Randy brought up the Senior Citizens project. Randy gave the Senior Citizens an application for their project and off-street parking, and asked that a plot plan be included. Randy requested a certified letter from a non-interested third party confirming the mold issue has been addressed. Christina suggested filling out the application, getting the mold assessed by a non-interested third party, and having a third party review the ADA compliance. Randy discussed the Gladstone Senior Citizens non-profit being out of compliance. Randy referenced a notice sent to Lorraine Erdman from the Secretary of State stating the Gladstone Senior Citizens organization is out of compliance. Randy handed a copy of the letter to Lorraine Erdman; Lorraine acknowledged she was aware of their non-compliance and working on it. Paul reiterated getting the non-profit back in compliance. New Business: The Council reviewed the new Midco contract. Motion to approve the Midco contract was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Council reviewed the Prairie Paving quote of $10,870 to repair three locations in town that need patching. Paul said they’d be ready to start when given approval. Motion to approve the Prairie Paving quote, with Jeremy supervising the repairs, was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Maria brought a quote for $3,090 from Banyon for the necessary reformatting of the Banyon software as part of the upcoming Neptune 360 upgrade. The ARPA funds can be used to pay for this cost. Motion to approve the quote was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to approve the bills was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to adjourn was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. 9/14/2022 Account Balances AUGUST PAYROLL: General Checking: $371,307.10 Tony $1,871.10 Park Checking: $45,078.83 Jordan $1,100.00 CD 0832: $50,368.88 Maria $1,562.00 CD 9432: $99,779.73 Wendy $1,551.68 ARPA Checking: $55,021.87 Total: $621,556.41 AUGUST BILLS: A-1 SANITATION $270.00 BIERSCHBACH $537.50 34’ Boom Lift Rental BND $2,000.00 August Extra Principal Paym BIERSCHBACH $329.00 Safety Harness DAKOTA WEST INSPECTION $125.00 Senior Citizen’s Canopy GLADSTONE PARKS $142.45 State Aid & Oil and Gas GLADSTONE PARKS $1,000.00 State Aid & Oil and Gas GLADSTONE PARKS $145.67 State Aid & Oil and Gas GLADSTONE PARKS $1,000.00 State Aid & Oil and Gas KOLLING & KOLLING, INC. $40,006.40 MACKOFF KELLOGG $2,387.40 MGM $4,095.00 Garbage MDU $760.63 Street Lig ONE CALL $1.30 SW WATER $5,600.37 UNPLUGGED $125.00 Camera Curb Stop BUTLER MACHINERY $253.48 Battery GOOSENECK IMPLEMENT $29.23 John Deer Mower Parts MDU $530.35 MDU $132.45 RUNNINGS $131.18 Flag Pole Repairs SW GRAIN $815.93 WEST PLAINS INC. $12.75 ADVANCED ELEMENT OPER $1,344.45 BRAVERA INS $1,296.00 Policy FR-1278-03 BRAVERA INS ($1,296.00) Policy FR-1278-03 BUTLER MACHINERY $88.68 Brake Cleaner, Cat Ballbrg CHI ST. ALEXIUS HEALTH $35.34 Tony Jasmann Medical Bill MARIA KOLLING $50.12 Reimbursement, Medical MIDCONTINENT $109.88 REITER WELDING $4,808.00 Modify Stainless Steel Tank BRAVERA INS $1,190.00 $1,190.00 Policy FT-1278-03 VISA $10.00 Monthly Microsoft Subscription VISA $260.00 ND Rural Water Yearly Dues VISA $354.10 USPS Stamped Envelopeson VISA $96.76 Paper Towels & Printer Ink TOTAL $68,778.42 (Sept. 28, 2022) 106306