Notice of Public Comment Period and Public Hearing on the City of Duluth FY 2022 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development * Federal Funding Recommendations Included * The City of Duluth is seeking citizen comments on the Draft FY 2022 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development.

Notice of Public Comment Period and Public Hearing on the City of Duluth FY 2022 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development
* Federal Funding Recommendations Included *
The City of Duluth is seeking citizen comments on the Draft FY 2022 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development. All input is welcome including identification of current and emerging community issues; especially those affecting people of color, people with low and moderate incomes, and people with disabilities, and comments about the City's progress toward five-year community development goals outlined in the Plan. This plan includes funding recommendations for approximately $3.3 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Community Development Committee (CD Committee) plans and advises on the use of these funds to the Duluth City Council.
CD Committee Preliminary 2022 Funding Recommendations:
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program (At least 70% of CDBG funds must benefit persons with low or moderate incomes.)
Housing (All applications are for housing improvements that will benefit people with low or moderate incomes.)
Duluth Property Rehabilitation Program - HRA $ 450,000
Community Land Trust: New Construction - - One Roof Cmty Hsg$ 325,000
Community Land Trust Acq-Rehab-Resale - One Roof Cmty Hsg $ 250,000
One Roof Duluth Rehabilitation - One Roof Community Housing $ 75,000
Economic Development (All applications will create full-time jobs or assist businesses to create jobs to be filled by persons having low or moderate incomes at the time of employment.)
Futures Program- Life House, Inc$ 70,000
High-demand, Living-wage Job Training - SOAR Career Solutions$ 190,000
Starting/Growing Neighborhood Businesses -Entrepreneur Fund$ 56,000
Green Workforce Dev. for Underserved Comm- Green New Deal Hsg $ 46,000
Public Facility Improvements (All applications will provide improvements to neighborhoods having a majority of persons with low and moderate incomes.)
Blight Mitigation Specialist Pilot Program - City of Duluth$ 97,500
LNPK Resilience Hub Accessibility Project - Ecolibrium3$ 72,000
Public Service (All applications will provide programs or services to persons with low or moderate incomes. Federal regulations stipulate a maximum of 15% of grant funds to public service applications.)
Duluth Hunger Project - CHUM $ 87,500
Landlord Incentives Program - Salvation Army $ 20,000
Tenant Landlord Connection - One Roof Community Housing $ 24,500
Free Tax Site - Community Action Duluth $ 20,000
JET Plus Project - Neighborhood Youth Services $ 30,500
Basic Needs Drop-In Youth Center for Homeless - Life House$ 33,500
RAD-Peer-Based Recovery Support Program - Recovery Alliance Duluth $ 20,000
Early Childhood Education- CHUM $ 21,000
CHUM Homeless Services- CHUM $ 40,000
Comprehensive Services for Homeless Veterans- MACV $ 10,000
Family Transitional Hsg - Salvation Army $ 9,000
Family Supportive Housing - Center City Housing Corporation $ 30,000
Domestic Violence Shelter- Safe Haven $ 18,500
Coordinated Entry- Duluth HRA$ 12,000
Administration & Planning
Community Development Block Grant Program Admin. - City of Duluth$ 502,000
Emergency Solutions Grants Program
Comprehensive Services for Homeless Veterans - MACV$ 9,000
Safe Haven Shelter Program - Safe Haven $ 17,000
The Loft Emergency Shelter for Youth - Life House $ 23,000
CHUM Homeless Services - CHUM $ 18,000
Street Outreach - CHUM $ 14,000
Family Supportive Housing - Center City Housing Corporation$ 21,000
Family Transitional Housing - The Salvation Army$ 9,000
Emergency Med. Respite Shelter- Bob Tavani House for Medical Respite $ 15,000
Rapid Rehousing & Homelessness Prevention- HRA Duluth$ 64,050
HMIS Administration$ 4,200
Emergency Solutions Grant Program Administration$ 15,750
HOME Investment Partnerships Program - Proposed Year 2022 Funding Recommendations
Tenant Based Rental Assistance - HRA Duluth$100,492
Windwood Townhomes - Center City Housing$ 291,508
CLT: New Construction-One Roof Community Housing$ 130,000
HOME Investment Partnership Administration - City of Duluth $ 50,500
HOME TBRA Administration - Duluth HRA$ 7,500
Contingency Plan for CDBG, HOME, and ESG Funds
If there should be a higher level funding allocated to the City for FY 2021 than estimated, such funding shall be distributed proportionally to projects that were not recommended to receive full funding, up to 1% of the final allocation, and if less funding is allocated, all projects shall be reduced proportionally up to 1% of the final allocation. If the final allocated amount varies more than 1% of the estimated amount then the Community Development Committee shall reconvene and revise the funding recommendation and submit it to the City Council.
There is a 30-day public comment period for the draft Annual Action Plan and funding recommendations from November 3, 2021 - December 3, 2021. Please send comments to: Ben VanTassel, or 411 W. First Street, Room 160, Duluth, MN 55802. All comments will be shared with the CD Committee
A virtual public hearing via WebEx will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 5:30 PM by the Community Development Committee.
The plan can be found on the City's website at:
The Community Development Committee will be holding its Meeting by other electronic means pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 13D.021 in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Some members of the Committee will be participating through video conference. Due to the COVID-19 emergency and the closure of City facilities, public comment will not be taken in person. However, members of the public can monitor the meeting and provide public comment on agenda items through WebEx Events. Visit to access the meeting. The public is also encouraged to submit written comments to the email address above prior to the meeting. Please include "November 16th Agenda" in the subject line, and include your name and address and the agenda item you are speaking to. Please note that all public comment is considered Public Data.
If you have special needs, such as an interpreter, please contact the Planning and Development Division at 730-5580 so that your needs can be accommodated. For hearing impaired persons please call the City's TTY/Information Assistance at 730-5000 or the Minnesota Relay Service at 1-800-627-3529.
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