NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT FOR PURCHASE OR REPURCHASE OF TAX FORFEITED LAND TO: Janice Lister and Estate of Daniel Dean Bailey PO Box 181, Buhl, MN 55713 YOU ARE NOTIFIED: Default has been made in the conditions of that certain Contract for Purchase or Repurchase of Tax Forfeited Land (“Contract”) C22120062 dated July 9, 2012 and filed for record July 18, 2012, as Doc#01191561, or in Book of ____ , page ___, in the office of the County Recorder/Registrar of Titles of St. Louis County, Minnesota, in which the St. Louis County Auditor, as seller, sold and agreed to deed to Janice Lister and Estate of Daniel Dean Bailey purchaser(s), the land and improvements (“Property”) in St. Louis County, Minnesota, legally described as follows: LOTS 20 AND 21 Block 025 Northern Addition to Chisholm 1.That the condition(s) of the Contract which is (are) in default is (are) as follows: Failure to pay 2020 & 2021 real estate taxes before December 31 of that same year. 2.The original purchase price for the Property was $8,825.00 and the current balance on the purchase price remaining unpaid is $0.00. Therefore, the purchaser has paid 100.00 % of the purchase price, exclusive of interest, and exclusive of any mortgages, prior contracts for deed, taxes or other obligations which were assumed by the purchaser. 3.THIS NOTICE IS TO INFORM YOU THAT BY THIS NOTICE, THE SELLER HAS BEGUN PROCEEDINGS UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 559.21, TO TERMINATE YOUR CONTRACT FOR THE PURCHASE OR REPURCHASE OF YOUR PROPERTY FOR THE REASONS SPECIFIED IN THIS NOTICE. THE CONTRACT WILL TERMINATE NINETY (90) DAYS FROM THE FIRST DATE OF PUBLICATION UNLESS BEFORE THEN: (a) THE PERSON AUTHORIZED IN THIS NOTICE TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS RECEIVES FROM YOU: (1)THE AMOUNT THIS NOTICE SAYS YOU OWE $0.00 FOR UNPAID INSTALLMENTS; PLUS TAXES, INTEREST AND FEES IN THE AMOUNT OF $675.98; PLUS (2)THE COST OF SERVICE (TO BE SENT TO YOU); PLUS (3)$15.00 TO APPLY TO ATTORNEYS’ FEES ACTUALLY EXPENDED OR INCURRED; PLUS (4)ANY ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS BECOMING DUE UNDER THE CONTRACT TO THE SELLER AFTER THIS NOTICE WAS SERVED ON YOU; PLUS (5)$0.00 (WHICH IS TWO PERCENT OF THE AMOUNT IN DEFAULT AT THE TIME OF SERVICE OTHER THAN THE FINAL BALLOON PAYMENT, ANY TAXES, ASSESSMENTS, MORTGAGES, OR PRIOR CONTRACTS THAT ARE ASSUMED BY YOU); OR (b) YOU SECURE FROM A COUNTY OR DISTRICT COURT AN ORDER THAT THE TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT BE SUSPENDED UNTIL YOUR CLAIMS OR DEFENSES ARE FINALLY DISPOSED OF BY TRIAL, HEARING OR SETTLEMENT. YOUR ACTION MUST SPECIFICALLY STATE THOSE FACTS AND GROUNDS THAT DEMONSTRATE YOUR CLAIMS OR DEFENSES. IF YOU DO NOT DO ONE OR THE OTHER OF THE ABOVE THINGS WITHIN THE TIME PERIOD SPECIFIED IN THIS NOTICE, YOUR CONTRACT WILL TERMINATE AT THE END OF THE PERIOD AND YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE PAID ON THE CONTRACT; YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO POSSESSION OF THE PROPERTY; YOU MAY LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO ASSERT ANY CLAIMS OR DEFENSES THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE; AND YOU WILL BE EVICTED. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS NOTICE, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY. THE NAME, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER OF THE PERSON AUTHORIZED BY THE SELLER TO ACCEPT PAYMENT PURSUANT TO THIS NOTICE IS: ST. LOUIS COUNTY By:/s/ Dawn Sathers Deputy Auditor 302 Government Services Center 320 West Second Street Duluth, MN 55802 (218) 726-2606 Dated: 3/31/2022 By:/s/ Nathan LaCoursiere Assistant St. Louis County Attorney Dated: 4/1/2022 (June 11, 18 & 25, 2022) 71616