DEMOLTION ORDER Date of Order 4 April, 2

DEMOLTION ORDER Date of Order 4 April, 2023 TO: JAMES W CRAWFORD 610 N 23RD AV W DULUTH MN 55806 YOU WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the detached garage located on the following described property and situated in the City of Duluth, in the County of St. Louis, and State of Minnesota, to wit: S 40 FT OF N 80 FT OF W 22 1/2 FT OF LOT365 AND S 40 FT OF N 80 FT OF LOT 367 LOT 0000 BLOCK 155 DULUTH PROPER SECOND DIVISION DULUTH and known by address as 610 N 23RD AVE W has been inspected under the authority of the Duluth Legislative Code (DLC) Section 10-3 and in the opinion of the building official based upon information documented in the official file and records, such building has been damaged or deteriorated to the extent that in the building official’s good faith opinion, a reasonable estimate of the cost of repairing and restoring the building is more than 60 percent of the current fair market value of the building, as shown in the records of the city assessor. The Assessor’s record indicates the value for this building at $2,336. Based on standardized construction cost information, the estimated cost to return the building to code compliance exceeds $1,401.60. This building has been damaged by causes to the extent of 100 percent (%) of the value of the building. THEREFORE, I, Blake Nelson, Building Official for the City of Duluth, MN, in accordance with DLC Chapter 10, Article II, Section 10-3, do hereby order you to tear down the above described building on the property, and remove said building and all material and debris of same from said building within sixty (60) days from the date of such service. Pursuant to DLC Section 10-5, any person wishing to appeal a demolition order shall serve written notice of appeal to the building official within fifteen (15) days after receiving notice of such decision, which appeal shall be accompanied by the required fee. The notice of appeal shall contain a complete statement of the matter in controversy and relief requested. Sincerely, Blake Nelson City of Duluth Building Official (April 8 & 15, 2023) 211368