CITY OF RICE LAKE ST. LOUIS COUNTY STATE OF MINNSOTA NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED BUSINESS SUBSIDY CRITERIA AND AGREEMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Rice Lake City Council will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 13, 2022 at City Hall located at 4107 W Beyer Road, Rice Lake, Minnesota to conduct a public hearing to consider adopting criteria for the granting of business subsidies and also to consider granting a business subsidy to Consolidated Telephone Company dba CTC under Minnesota Statutes, Sections 116J.993 through 116J.995, as amended, to assist in expanding rural broadband capacity within the City. A draft copy of the business subsidy criteria and Broadband Development Agreement are available for public inspection on and after the date of this notice by contacting or submitting a written request to the City Clerk. All interested persons may appear at the hearing and present their view orally or in writing. Please also take notice that pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 116J.994, subd. 5(f): “that a person with residence in or the owner of taxable property in the granting jurisdiction may file a written complaint with the grantor if the grantor fails to comply with sections 116J.993 to 116J.995, and that no action may be filed against the grantor for the failure to comply unless a written complaint is filed.” Dated: May 26, 2022. BY ORDER OF THE CITY COUNCIL Toni Blomdahl, Clerk-Treasurer (June 1, 2022) 69420