Bentleyville Tour of Lights is closed Monday evening due to heavy snow throughout Bayfront Festival Park, but organizers are hoping volunteers can help clear out the snow from the paths so it can reopen Tuesday.

Jen Ritchie and her sons, Colton, 7, and Gavin, 8, drove up from Wyoming, Minn., Sunday to visit Bentleyville and answered the call.

On Monday morning, the three were some of the first volunteers to arrive at Bayfront Festival Park, where nearly a mile of paths weaving through the light displays were under knee-deep and even waist-deep snow drifts.

"We borrowed the hotel's shovels to come help ... because it's the essence of Christmas," Jen said.

Bentleyville has been closed since Saturday due to the snowstorm over the weekend. Now the organization is looking for volunteers with shovels, snowblowers and trucks with plows to help clear the paths through the festival so it can reopen again.

Colton, armed with just a shovel, wishes he had something a bit more powerful.

"We need a snowblower," Colton said.

The Ritchies opted to clear some of the displays caked with blown snow by hand.

Rusty Rookey, a Bentleyville employee, directed volunteers with shovels to focus on clearing the displays and some of the pathways around the buildings.

Meanwhile, a skid-steer loader worked to clear the paths and large open areas.

"I knew one of these years we'd get nailed with (snow)," Rookey said.

His son, Landen, also a Bentleyville employee, was shoveling out the doors around Santa's workshop. He said it was the most snow he's seen at Bentleyville, but was glad the snow wasn't wet and heavy.

"Just a couple of weeks ago, I was shoveling snow that was right here," Landen said, lowering his palm to his shin to show the snow's height. "But it was wet. I was actually more tired shoveling that than I am right now."