Our precious lake brings us many cherished benefits, but as we are all too aware it also brings disasters in its complicated wake. Similarly does our precious U.S. Constitution, with its invaluable protections and opportunities, also bring into the political system a powerful legislative body designed to give states power over the federation. This body is the U.S. Senate.

Because each state gets equal representation in the Senate and states vary widely in population, a voter in one state lacks the power of one in another. For example, California, with nearly 4 million residents, and Wyoming, with just under 600,000 residents, have equal power in the Senate, giving a person in Wyoming 67 times the voting power of one in California. And, according to a study of population trends by the University of Virginia, by 2040 half the population of the U.S. will control 84 of the 100 seats in the Senate.

In their haste to defeat what they see as a most vulnerable President Donald Trump in 2020, Democrat candidates for president are scrambling all over one another. But they are ignoring, to their peril, the power of the Republican control of the Senate, a control which will successfully thwart the agenda of the Democrats no matter which candidate might oust Trump.

Why then are Democrats refusing to run against Republican senators, even those Republicans who are seen as quite vulnerable? Without Democrat control of the Senate, a Democrat in the Oval Office would have his or her hands tied, just as President Barack Obama did.