Florence Awards 2020

Send us your nominations for outstanding nurses in the Northland!

The 2020 Florence Awards will recognize and honor the most outstanding nurses in the Northland. Nominate a local nurse who goes above and beyond expectations to improve the healthcare of our communities.


Florence awards will be given to top nominees in the following categories:

Empathy Award

A nurse who displays a true understanding of another's situation, a great sense of their emotions, and the ability to understand their thoughts and feelings

Innovation Award

This nurse creates or implements a process or program in health care or a related field, aiming for improvements on things such as efficiency, safety, and education

Best Nursing Student

This student displays an excellent tenacity to learn, and performs community service in related field.

Mission Award

A nurse who has gone above and beyond the scope of their everyday duties, providing assistance to our community through volunteerism and making a difference through their expertise.

The Florence Award

A nurse who has represented and displayed strength in Empathy, Innovation, and Mission. This individual is a true leader in the field of nursing.

Winners will be chosen from all nominations by a panel of judges and announced in the Florence Awards special section published in the May 12, 2020 issue of the Duluth News Tribune and at duluthnewstribune.com

Nominations will be accepted through April 5, 2020