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Renegade’s 2018 season includes ‘Misery’

Renegade Theater Company’s 2018 season will kick off with a play by a three-time Emmy Award nominated writer, include a new comedy by a Minnesota playwright, and a fan-favorite Stephen King tale — not to mention new, TBA creative leadership.

Here is a look at the five-show season:

  • “Sex with Strangers,” (opens Feb. 22) by Laura Eason, a writer for “House of Cards,” is a modern look at love. It stars Carolyn LePine and Cade Kowalczak and is directed by Julie Ahasay.
  • “Lone Star Spirits” (opens April 12) by Josh Tobiessen and directed by Kendra Carlson is a new comedy that recently premiered at the Jungle Theater in Minneapolis. A reviewer from the Star Tribune said of it: “You’ve heard the old cliche: This play will make you laugh; it will make you cry. In ‘Lone Star Spirits, playwright Josh Tobiessen accomplishes this daily double within the span of 15 seconds.”
  • “Lizzie,” (opens July 26) created by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, Tim Maner and Alan Stevens Hewitt is the story of Lizzie Borden with a punk makeover.
  • “Misery” (opens Oct. 4) by William Goldman is an adaptation of Stephen King’s “Misery” — the story of a writer who is held hostage by his biggest fan.
  • “Gutenberg! The Musical” (opens Dec. 6) by Scott Brown and Anthony King is a two-man musical spoof about two playwrights and a musical about the inventor of the printing press.  

In November, artistic director Katy Helbacka announced she was leaving Renegade Theater after 10 seasons and 60 shows. Her husband Andy Bennett, who was also had a creative role with the company, has also stepped down. “There is no greater magic, to me, than a group of artists all bringing their individual talents together to collaborate on telling a story,” Helbacka said in a public Facebook post.

The company is in the process of hiring a new director, according to Zeitgeist communications director Sarah Lueck.