The latest season of the Dakota Spotlight podcast, produced and narrated by host James Wolner, will launch Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Season 3, titled "The House on Sweet and Seventh," explores a grisly double homicide of a Bismarck, N.D., couple, slain at the hands of their son and his friend.

Wolner, who previously produced the first two seasons independently, joined Forum Communications Co. earlier this year.

In the latest season, listeners travel back to 1998, unraveling the details of the crime and attempted cover-up as a group of friends frustrated police detectives trying to solve the case.

Wolner reviewed thousands of pages of investigative reports, watched dozens of hours of police interview footage and conducted new interviews before producing the series.

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Watch the trailer for the podcast below.

The podcast will be accompanied by exclusive content, including extended videos and other materials related to the crime, on four of Forum Communications' North Dakota websites. Members can binge on the entire season, and watch the corresponding videos, by visiting Dakota Spotlight on on Tuesday.

Fans can also sign up for the Dakota Spotlight newsletter for insight and analysis from Wolner and find out about new, exclusive content when it's released.