In a more traditional Homegrown Music Festival year, a human high on hugs and a lack of snowbanks might trip her way into Teatro Zuccone’s black box, for instance, and see something like this:

Kristy Marie and Charlie Parr sitting on the floor — the former pumping her harmonium and swaying, the latter barefoot, synching up with her on guitar and together creating a trippy, trance-inducing drone.

This is Grains of Stars, and Sonja Martin of Feeding Leroy said it well when she described walking into 2104, a private Duluth residence that is streaming more than a dozen acts this week.

“It was on another planet,” she said at the start of her band’s set. “Real groovy.”

On Monday night, the second day of Homegrown Music Festival, civilian aficionado Richard Narum and his small team of tech and organizers hosted the groovy duo — in addition to Cory Coffman and Feeding Leroy — for nearly three hours worth of music that beamed out of an East Hillside home and onto the World Wide Web. And on the festival’s YouTube channel, organizers streamed pre-recorded content including the Homegrown Poetry Showcase, a film featuring musician Teague Alexy, photo and video showcases.

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On Day 2

Meanwhile, back on the 2104 steam, singer-songwriter Cory Coffman — his second show deep into the week, he was also part of the MN Music Coalition from Sacred Heart Music Center — played sweet sounds that showed off his school spirit: One song inspired by a short story by Tina Higgins Wussow, another written as a tribute to his best friend in lieu of a best man speech.

All with the delicate touch of a foot tambourine.

He opened his set to questions from the home audience but got instead kudos.

“Great sound? Boring,” he said, stuck out his tongue and laughed.

Feeding Leroy followed — the ultimate fun-time band fronted by Martin and rippling with twang and steel guitar — opening with “Long Gone Again,” dedicated to their dog, a “muse and trusted sidekick,” according to an Instagram post. Leroy recently died.

"I've been obsessed with him for years, so it's hard to let that go," Martin said, adding that the band was currently mourning Leroy, but they would still call themselves Feeding Leroy.

The Poetry Showcase played well virtually, with the raw real life of a handful of writers reading into a screen and occasionally adding a modest touch of flare. Tina Higgins Wussow’s narrative was about discovering that not all families are exactly alike, framed through the dismantled motorcycle in the living room. Wussow added retro photographs of seemingly her father, proof that he did, in fact, dirt the carpet with oil stains from this machine of “polished chrome and well-loved leather.”

Longtime collaborators Teague Alexy and Joshua Priestly’s latest is the short, quiet film “This Feeling will Be Over Soon.” Alexy stars as a musician on a seemingly well-worn route home from busking whose life changes in a sudden and random way.

Homegrown Music Festival (and more) schedule

Things to catch

Starting Wednesday, Earth Rider Festival Grounds will host the Starfire Unofficial Birthday Bash — four days with more than a dozen acts including Charlie Parr, Ingeborg von Aggasiz, New Salty Dog and Lyla Abukhodair.