The Lake Superior Youth Chorus continues its mission to provide music education to children during the COVID-19 pandemic, posting a new performance Monday.

A new partnership with the Duluth Playhouse is helping the youth chorus, according to a news release from executive director Jenna Kelly. The recently renovated NorShor Theatre has provided rehearsal space since September.

The chorus' Level III choir, Cantemus, posted their version of Harry Styles' "Treat People with Kindness," using audio recorded in-studio with sound engineer Dave Hill of Inland Sea Recording. The students then made their video by singing along to their recording, adding their faces to the performance. Artistic director Bret Amundson and CSS student intern Rylee Newton directed the choir in small groups, singing in masks and socially distanced.

"This was a moment to show our young artists how social media can be used in a positive way," Kelly said in the news release. "There are too many examples of these platforms being used as weapons to spread negativity, fear and hatred."

The video is available on the chorus’ YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. For more information, visit

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