Zeitgeist will launch filmmaking classes and an international film festival, the Duluth nonprofit arts organization announced, a partnership with the Iron Range-based Minnesota Discovery Center, which has already begun offering sessions recently.

Starting this month, the Northland Film School will offer classes in documentary film production, editing and screenwriting and will be led by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Matthew Koshmrl, who recently premiered his feature-length "Land of My Father" about the tug between Japan and Korea to claim the island of Dokdo.

The film school is geared toward a range of artistic disciplines, including filmmakers, graphic designers, multimedia artists and those who work on stage. Classes are scheduled to begin Oct. 20 virtually and Oct. 21 in person. There will be sessions at Zeitgeist and the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm.

Go to zeitgeistarts.com/zinema/northland-film-school for details.

The festival will kick off in April and feature local and international filmmakers.