Beth Probst wasn’t a runner, but she has always been competitive — and it piqued when she was at a dinner party. One of the guests left early because of a midnight 5K race, followed by another run in the morning.

“With my impending 35th birthday just a few years away (wherein, rumor has it, your entire body shuts down), I figured: If not today, when. It was at this moment I decided to run a half marathon.”

That was a decade ago.

Now Probst appeals to the everyday, regular human in “It Could be Worse: A Girlfriend’s Guide for Runners Who Detest Running” — part instructional manual, part memoir with words of wisdom from other running hobbyists.

Probst offers tips on finding the best pair of shoes for you, and why a frozen pizza might not be the best pre-run carb load, which Bob Marley song to play in your head over and over again. She also sifts through the things that happen in a decade — new jobs, new children, new bodies.

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Probst offers self-deprecating humor and authenticity and notes that most runners don’t actually win, or even try to win races.

In pop-up chapters, her friends create a helpful community of voices who offer that running is for every body type, that some days are better than others, and how running can offer a consistent sense of self through all of life’s moments.

Beth Probst (submitted photo)
Beth Probst (submitted photo)