If you were a fan of Sara Shepard’s “Pretty Little Liars” series as a teen, then Ruth Ware’s “The Lying Game” may just be the perfect adult read.

This psychological thriller cryptically unfolds a layered series of events little by little, starting with one cryptic text: “I need you.”

From there, readers are immediately launched into a world of secrets and lies shown through the viewpoint of protagonist Isa Wilde, who is forced to reunite with her formerly tight-knit group of boarding school friends after the unearthing of a shared incriminating secret threatens their current ways of life.

As teenagers, Isa and her friends played a dangerous game in the sleepy town of Salten, and now they must face the consequences.

Jumping between past and current narratives, Ware slowly reveals the truth to readers as Isa is hit with crippling anxiety and the realization that the past may not be as clear as she once thought.

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Clues, foreshadowing and unreliable characters seem to litter every page, and as more rules are broken, it soon becomes difficult for Isa and her friends to keep their lies straight.

While Ware’s use of punctuation and over-dramatized metaphors could be a little frustrating at times, I found “The Lying Game” to be very engaging. It didn’t take long before I was scribbling notes and predictions in the margins.

Title: “The Lying Game”

Author: Ruth Ware

Publisher: Gallery/Scout Press

Length: 368 pages