From page one, English actor and author Catherine Steadman pulls readers into this psychological thriller with a fast-paced plot that will keep you second-guessing what you read until the end.

With brief, easy-to-read chapters, the story follows newlyweds Erin and Mark as they enthusiastically embark on their lavish Bora Bora honeymoon. Everything seems to be what you’d expect until about halfway into their trip, when the couple unexpectedly finds something amiss in the tropical waters.

In a sharp twist of events, they find themselves returning home with a secret that could both kill them and give them the life they always wanted.

Erin, a documentary filmmaker, and Mark, a banker, are suddenly thrust into a dark world they know nothing about, one where their lives constantly hang in a delicate balance between normalcy and crime.

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Readers follow along through the perspective of Erin, a quick-witted young woman who will do anything for her new marriage. Her limited viewpoint and quirky personality present the classic conundrum of an unreliable narrator as readers are immersed into her mindset.

An array of colorful characters are introduced along the way, with multiple storylines developing in 350 pages.

Whether it’s terrorists, crime lords or sharks you’re afraid of, this book is guaranteed to make you keep the lights on well past your bedtime.

Title: "Something in the Water"

Author: Catherine Steadman

Publisher: Random House Publishing Group

Pages: 350

Izabel Johnson is a reporter for the Cloquet Pine Journal.
Izabel Johnson is a reporter for the Cloquet Pine Journal.