Margot is the shrewd employee at a resort hotel in River Bank Jamaica, where a devastating drought and the career anglers are struggling, and the beachfront is being eaten by the tourism industry. She is singularly focused on giving her younger sister, Thandi, all of the academic opportunities she needs to become a doctor, so that Thandi can, in turn, save them. Thandi has a different dream.

Meanwhile, the girls' mother, Delores, an unsteady character who has often opted for the worst decision, sells souvenirs to tourists. Margot, while plotting her moves, is also deeply in love with the woman down the street, Verdene, whose sexuality brings out cruel impulses from her neighbors.

This novel, another richly built world by Nicole Dennis-Benn, whose novel "Patsy" is also a fully immersive read, follows Thandi as she starts building a sense of self that she has to keep a secret and Margot does whatever it takes to reach her goals — at whatever cost. "Here Comes the Sun," with its complicated cast and considerations about sacrifice and self, is worth sinking deep into.

Title: "Here comes the Sun"

Author: Nicole Dennis-Benn

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Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation

Pages: 352