Patricia Lockwood's novel "No One is Talking About This" could be mistaken as a tale of two tales: the first part a stream of consciousness through the portal, as she calls it, and what it is like to scroll and scroll and scroll. The second, divorced from the first, a very IRL experience of deep loss, but first deep joy, being and connection and truth.

But it's truly one story that relies on the other half to create balance and punch.

Our hero is a woman living a life online, as they say, a life of memes and outrage where the light shines very briefly on a topic, then finds a new way to interest the masses. Her own claim to fame is a funny-oddity of a Tweet that went viral, and now she's an internet expert on a talking tour. The outside world, among physical human beings, comes at her suddenly and hard, then flips her way of life in a way she doesn't even notice until she really does.

The writing, in both halves, is perfect. It's funny and smart. It's rough and ouch. It's capable of changing you.

Title: "No One is Talking About This"

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Author: Patricia Lockwood

Publisher: Riverhead Books

Pages: 222