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Title: "All the Way Up"

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Author: Louise (Holappa) Ledin

Synopsis: At 53 years old, Louise Ledin was given the unsettling news that she had a very rare neuromuscular disease called Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS). Louise began her journey with a vow to not let this disease control her life, but to do her best to manage it. Now after nine years of struggling with this disease, she shares her story of how she found acceptance, gratitude, and strength within herself and how having a positive attitude has made a difference. Her husband, Jerry, is always right beside her as they encounter the many changes that this progressive disease brings.

Publisher: Self-Published

Cost: $12 plus $4.95 shipping

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Title: "Deep into the Dark"

Author: P.J. Tracy

Synopsis: Sam Eastona true survivoris home from Afghanistan, trying to rebuild a life in his hometown of LA. Separated from his wife, bartending and therapy sessions are what occupy his days and nights. When friend and colleague Melody Traeger is beaten by her boyfriend, she turns to Sam for help. When the boyfriend turns up dead the next day, a hard case like Sam is the perfect suspect. But LAPD Detective Margaret Nolan, whose brother recently died serving overseas, is sympathetic to Sam's troubles, and can't quite see him as a killer. She's more interested in the secrets Melody might be keeping and the developments in another murder case on the other side of town.

Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group, Minotaur Books

Cost: $26.99 for hardcover, $9.99 for paperback