Essentia Health in Duluth is looking for art created by artists in the region for its Vision Northland project.

"Essentia is a proponent of the arts and seeks to elevate Vision Northland with fine art created by artists from across our region," a news release from Essentia said. "We know through evidence-based design that art has healing properties and enhances the hospital and clinic setting."

In partnership with Integrated Art Group, a Madison-based art firm that helps offices and health care facilities curate art, Essentia is looking for artists to submit their art for purchase.

Submissions should be able to mounted to the wall and will not be purchased as framed. The submissions do not have to be currently available. If selected, artists will be given a timeline to complete new work.

Essentia is not seeking photographic art, but photographers can submit their art to potentially be used in future projects.

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Artists must live in or have ties to the regions Essentia services, which include Minnesota, North Dakota and northern Wisconsin.

In addition to art that can be hung on a wall, Essentia is seeking proposals from a regional sculptor for a sculpture that would stand outside the facility's main entrance.

Up to three artists will be selected and paid $1,000 to further develop and design their idea.

"The design and materials proposed should invoke Lake Superior while welcoming visitors to the new hospital," the release said. "Also, the sculpture should either be lit from the outside or should emit light itself."

Vision Northland is a $900 million project to expand Essentia's downtown Duluth campus. The project will expand the facilities' footprint by 942,000 square feet.

To participate

Those interested in submitting either proposal must do so by Oct. 1.

The sculpture proposal requires preliminary concept sketches or renderings, along with a description of the vision, proposed materials, scale and budget. Submit a proposal at

Those interested in submitting work for the mountable art can do so at

Any questions can be directed at August Brulla at or 608-709-1453, Laura Pfenninger at or Kris Henry at