As summertime tourists and community members pass Lake Superior Art Glass, the open-air studio invites them to be blown away by the live demonstrations of glass blowers. Sometimes the artists are working on their own craft, and other times, they’re teaching classes offered to any and all who sign up. On a Friday afternoon, 14-year-old Sophia Ryhorchuk traveled from the Twin Cities to take a class as a birthday present. Jennifer McBride and Jenny Almquist came from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to cross glass-blowing off their bucket lists and ended up spending the entire day there. For some of the artists who work and rent studio space at the gallery, glass blowing drew them in for more than just a few hours. Glass artist Sammy Kwiatkowski has been making glass art for 13 years, six of which he has spent at Lake Superior Art Glass, 357 Canal Park Drive. Whatever the purpose, the artists are happy to welcome art seekers in to slow down, enjoy the art that they’re passionate about and hopefully ignite a fire in others for glass blowing, too.

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