Lyric Opera of the North makes internet its stage

A woman, surrounded by a balcony o’plants, waits for a phone call from her boyfriend Basil in Lyric Opera of the North’s new original short opera “Everything Comes to a Head.”

Raven McMillon (Photo submitted by Lyric Opera of the North)
Raven McMillon (Photo submitted by Lyric Opera of the North)

The performance is part of a series that will be available for streaming alongside works by other regional opera companies from around the country — Fargo to Houston to New York City — who are part of The Decameron Coalition. Each group created a piece inspired by one of the tales from “The Decameron” by 14th century writer Giovanni Boccacci. The sum total is “Tales from a Safe Distance.”

LOON’s section, each piece recorded by the individual artist, was placed into a backdrop by the opera company’s artist Ann Gumpper and edited and animated by Bill Munson.

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Lyric Opera of the North’s “Everything Comes to a Head” premieres at 7 p.m. Oct. 9. Tickets: $15 at and include access to all of the performances through Dec. 31.

"3 Day Weekend" (Photo by Lunacy, Sleeper Cell)
"3 Day Weekend" (Photo by Lunacy, Sleeper Cell)

Suspense film set in Minnesota woods now streaming

In “3 Day Weekend,” a newly single man takes a solo camping trip in Northern Minnesota woods, just stopping and propping his tent when his map fails him. He’s on high alert, though, when there is another car ditched in this random woodsy spot, a cellphone left next to the trunk.

Still, he grabs his sausage roll and pounds the stakes.

Then he hears gunshots.

“3 Day Weekend” is a suspense-drama, mostly silent, filmed near Park Rapids, Minnesota. It’s the curious case of a woman in a trunk, bloody clothes and two grunty dudes bent on opening a secret safe. The movie, directed by Wyatt McGill, is now available for streaming on Showtime.

Kelly Florence (left) and Meg Hafdahl Photo submitted by Florence
Kelly Florence (left) and Meg Hafdahl Photo submitted by Florence

Science-ing Stephen

Horror experts Kelly Florence and Meg Hafdahl are offering a drive-thru book signing for their latest collection — which digs into the work of Stephen King.

The event, celebrating the release of “The Science of Stephen King,” includes copies of the book for sale in addition to themed cupcakes by How Sweet it Is.

The Shining Cupcake is red velvet with a caramel-flavored blood drizzle and the It Cupcake is white Funfetti with sprinkles. Pet Semetary cupcakes are chocolate Oreo cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.

The signing is 5:30-7 p.m. Oct. 8 at Lake Superior College, 2101 Trinity Rd. Cost: $15 includes a signed copy of “The Science of Stephen King, a cupcake and a balloon.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Honor the dead with this window tour

“Windows Into Grief” is a series of art installations billed as honoring the dead, cultural treatments of death and rotten ideas — things like racism, sexism, environmental devastation and more.

This event is a 2020 take on the annual All Souls Night event held at the Depot that features puppets, poetry, memorials and a ceremonial burning of bad ideas. Rather than gathering, this is a drive-or-walk tour of windows of at least 25 storefronts in the Duluth’s Historic Arts and Theatre District and the Lincoln Park Craft District. Starts Oct. 9.

There will be other events, some virtual, tied to All Souls Night — including a closing fire ceremony on Nov. 1. For more information, go to

Bob Dylan (2013 file / News Tribune)
Bob Dylan (2013 file / News Tribune)

Dylan makes whiskey his radio muse

Bob Dylan recently posted a new episode of “Theme Time Radio Hour” — his first in 11 years. Dylan maintained the weekly series in the mid-to-late 2000s, and it aired on satellite radio. A nearly 2-hour episode was reintroduced for subscribers to Sirius Radio in late September, but is now available for streaming on Spotify.

The theme of this “Theme Time”: Whiskey. It’s a fitting topic for the artist who has been in the whiskey biz for a bit. His brand is Heaven’s Door.

The episode, a mix curated by Dylan, includes moments of chill-drawl storytelling, internal rhymes and groaner lines.

“Theme Time Radio Hour” is available for streaming on Spotify.