Fixin' for a Fiasco

Homegrown Winter Fiasco offers a chance to practice the kind of venue hopping and tough choices that a music fan might encounter during the actual Homegrown Music Festival. For instance: Will you stay for One Less Guest’s entire set at The Rex, or will you pop out early to catch the start of Brothers Burn Mountain at Blacklist.

One Less Guest (Photo by CC Boyle Photography)
One Less Guest (Photo by CC Boyle Photography)

It’s never too early to activate the Homegrown Decision Making part of the brain.

The annual Winter Fiasco, on Friday, has 12 bands at four venues. (In comparison, Homegrown Music Festival, held April 26-May 3, will have close to 200 bands at more than 30 venues.)

Homegrown Music Festival’s Winter Fiasco starts at 7:15 p.m. Jan. 10 at venues in downtown Duluth.


Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

7:15 p.m.: Four String Rock

8:15 p.m.: Mr. Kickass

9:15 p.m.: C-Silence

The Rex

8 p.m.: Nonfic

9 p.m.: Shadows of Me

10 p.m.: One Less Guest


9:30 p.m.: Jen West

10:30 p.m.: Brothers Burn Mountain

11:30 p.m.: The Formal Age

Pizza Luce

10:15 p.m.: Winning Isn’t Everything

11:15 p.m.: Fenestra Funk

12:15 a.m.: Jacob Mahon & The Salty Dogs

John Thorene (2017 file / News Tribune)
John Thorene (2017 file / News Tribune)

Snazzy and jazzy

Paul Ierino, Randy Lee, Jerry Siptroth and John Thorene, formerly the Saratoga Jazz Quartet, return to the local music scene in a post-Saratoga world. Starting this past Saturday, the crew will play a weekly show at the Depot. Jazz at the Depot is three hours of traditional and big band numbers with commentary. Along with the music: A cash bar, soup, sandwiches and hot dogs, which are billed as "designer," so.

Jazz at the Depot is 3-6 p.m. Saturdays through April 25 at the Depot, 506 W. Michigan St. Tickets: $5 at the door

"A Streetcar Named Desire" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
"A Streetcar Named Desire" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Blanche versus Stanley

Blanche DuBois, a bit more tattered than she sees herself, visits her sister Stella in New Orleans — a trip that doesn’t mesh well with Stella’s brute husband Stanley in the classic film “A Streetcar Named Desire.” He picks and pokes at Blanche, who he believes has inheritance money, and pow. Things get real. This 1951 movie, directed by Elia Kazan, is based on the play by Tennessee Williams. This is the latest pick for the NorShor’s Classic Film Series, which includes a post-show talk-back with a trio of movie-minded people.

“A Streetcar Named Desire” plays at 6 p.m. Jan. 12 at NorShor Theatre, 211 E. Superior St. Tickets: $12 at the door

"Pulp Fiction" (Miramax Films)
"Pulp Fiction" (Miramax Films)

Revisit 'Pulp Fiction'

Marcus Theaters’ Retro Series in January is considering the movies of Quentin Tarantino. This week’s pick, “Pulp Fiction,” plays at 7 p.m. Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at Duluth Cinema.

“Pulp Fiction,” from 1994, is an innovative story that blends two hitmen, a boxer, a diner, a dance-off and OD, in a way that is brutal and bloody and satisfying. Stars John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and more. Other Tarantino movies that will play in January include Kill Bill Vol. 1 (Jan. 19, 20, 22) and Kill Bill Vol. 2 (Jan. 26, 27, 29).

“Pulp Fiction” plays at 7 p.m. Jan. 12-13, Jan. 15 at Duluth Cinema, 300 Harbor Dr.

Dave Simonett (2019 file / News Tribune)
Dave Simonett (2019 file / News Tribune)

Simonett, softly

Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles and Dead Man Winter, returns to Papa Charlie’s as part of the Lutsen-based venue’s Songwriter Series. The series, a quiet and behaved sort of thing, offers the chance to hear songs and about the songs in a listening-room space. Simonett will perform acoustic takes on his solo work and from his bands.

Songwriter Series, featuring Dave Simonett, is at 8 p.m. Jan. 13 at Papa Charlie’s at Lutsen Mountains, 445 Ski Hill Rd., Lutsen.