More than 30 books are in contention during the 31st annual Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards, an event that recognizes the best of the books written about this part of the state in 2018.

The ceremony is May 23 at Northland Country Club. Details are available at Margi Preus is the guest speaker for UMD's Kathryn A. Martin Library and Friends of the Duluth Public Library event that started in 1988. Winners get a $200 prize.


Fiction: "Beginnings: The Homeward Journey of Donovan Manypenny" by Thomas Peacock; "Laurentian Divide: A Novel" by Sarah Stonich; "Mist O'er the Voyageur" by Naomi Musch; "The Sisters" by Janet Kay; "Treacherous Waters: The Chronicles of an Unlikely Voyageur" by Nikki Rajala; "Waiting," by Pat McGauley

Poetry: "All that Matters: Collected Poems 2010-2018; "The Mirrormaker: Poems" by Brian Laidlaw; "Nordic Accordion: Poems in a Scandinavian Mood" by Bart Sutter; "Waters Deep: A Great Lakes Poetry Anthology" edited by Crystal S. Gibbins and Michelle Menting; "The Way She Told Her Story" by Diane Jarvenpa; "Wild Verge: Poems" by Lynette Reini-Grandell; "To Keep Him Hidden" by Ryan Vine

Nonfiction: "Climate Change: Musings and Studies from Lake Superior's North Shore," by Katya Gordon; "Gichi Bitobig, Grand Marais: Early Accounts of the Anishinaabeg and the North Shore Fur Trade," by Timothy Cochrane; "Gunflint Burning: Fire on the Boundary Waters" by Cary J. Griffith; "Hellfire in Hermantown: The 1918 Forest Fires and How they Affected Hermantown" by Connie Jacobson; "Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better: The Historic Breweries of Duluth & Superior," by Tony Dierckins and Pete Clure; "Searching for Minnesota's Native Wildflowers: A Guide for Beginners, Botanists, and Everyone in Between" by Phyllis Root, author, and Kelly Povo, photographer; "Thomson Township's Night of Terror: The Great 1918 Fire" by C. Philip Johnson, Rodney Ikola and Davis Helberg; "Whaleback Ships and the American Steel Barge Company" by C. Roger Pellett.

Memoir: "Don't Quit Your Day Job" by Michael Fedo; "Iron and Water: My Life Protecting Minnesota's Environment" by Grant J. Merritt; "Sawbill: A Search for Place" by Jennifer Case

Children's literature: "Big Fish Dreams" by Lori Fisher Peelen, author, and Consie Powell, illustrator; "Hey There Mr. Owl" by Susan Larson Kidd, author, Richard Hoeg, illustrator; "Hush Hush, Forest" by Mary Casanova, author, Nick Wroblewske, illustrator; "Where I Fly: A Hockey Story" by K.M. Allen; "A Young Girl's Dream" by Carla Anne Arneson and "The Mukluk Ball" by Katharine Johnson

Art/Photography: "Chinese-ness" by Wing Young Huie; "St. Croix & Namekagon Rivers: The Enduring Gift" by Walter F. Mondale and Craig Blacklock