If you've been to Homegrown Music Festival this week, you have seen Steve Bockhold. He's the fest-goer in the outfits - capital O on outfits. One day it was an "ginormous" cowboy hat, red shirt and pink pants with bunnies. Another night - his shiny night - it was tight gold pants and a tight blue shirt. Told that it was a superhero look, he smiled.

"I'll take that," he said.

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Bockhold, a fortysomething physician and fashionisto, has turned the music festival into a reason to wear, for instance, a light blue jacket with pink flamingos. He and his wife, Annemarie Geniusz, have been hitting Homegrown since they discovered the local music scene about five years ago.

"The third year I really started spiffying up," he said on Friday, the sixth day of the festival that - by its conclusion on Sunday - will have featured nearly 200 bands at venues (and trolleys) in Duluth and Superior.

Bockhold and Geniusz started the night at Beaner's Central before hitting Zeitgeist Arts Atrium for the mellow and musical duo of Jesse Luoma and Steve Garrington. He stood out in the crowd with his rainbow Keene sandals, multi-colored socks, pink-toned space pants, a tie-dye shirt with a "guess what, chicken butt" joke, a hat and a button-up shirt with blocks of primary colors.

"It looked terrible on the shelf, but it looks great on me," he said. "I try to be colorful. You get very monochromatic here."

Geniusz, an artist, said she can appreciate Bockhold's style. Plus, she said:

"It makes it fun to shop for him."

His outfit is a last-minute decision, he said, and he just tries to do better than the previous night.

Bockhold, specifically a fan of hats and socks and Ragstock, considers his clothing to be something he does despite being an introvert.

His wife disagrees. He's the extrovert and she's the introvert.

"He gets me and him confused," she said. "He needs an audience and I'm a good little shadow."

Nearly 50 bands were scheduled to play on Friday night at mostly downtown venues. Early in the night, Yester, a chill trio, played at Zeitgeist Arts Atrium and Morrow, a pop-rock band that was surrounded on three sides by fans at a packed Sir Benedict's.

Mint Vintage, an easy-to-like rock band, played at Blacklist - the garage door half open.

"Well hiya, Homegrown," said singer Quinn Ryan. "It's nice to see you. It's been ... about a year" and soon after showed off a newish song.

"I feel it in my bones," he sang. "I'm going to die alone."

Music starts at 6 p.m. today with Discord at Dawn playing at Beaner's Central. There will be aerialists, fire spinners and belly dancers starting at 7:45 p.m. at the Minnesota Power plaza - no wristband required.

Jacob Mahon & The Salty Dogs play the final set of the night - 12:30 a.m. at Rex Bar.