John Butler of Cloquet apparently felt better qualified to evaluate the Zimmerman trial than the jurors who sat through hours of testimony and weighed the evidence provided. Butler wrote a Local View commentary published on the July 24 News Tribune Opinion page under the headline, "Jury got it wrong in Zimmerman trial."

Butler is as guilty as the News Tribune of keeping up the frenzy of race. The media in this country are guilty of race-

baiting with this trial under the guise of the public's need to know.

The trial is over, the jurors made a decision based upon the facts presented.

I wasn't there, and I am sure Butler wasn't there, either.

The case is closed, and the media should quit baiting the public into publishing what-ifs. Americans are getting threatened and injured because of the media and so-called guest commentators who think they are better qualified to evaluate the case.

Jim Gerdes

Sturgeon Lake, Minn.