Parents, are you aware of what’s being taught to your children? Is your child struggling with math? Are you unable to help your third-grader solve math problems? It could be because of Common Core State Standards. Parents, I encourage you to educate yourselves and become voices for your children. These standards are concerning.

From what I’ve read, they could remove state and local decision-making. They could lead to longitudinal data mining, or the in-depth collection and storage of data on our children from birth through college to employment, data like political and religious affiliations, medical conditions, discipline problems, income and more. In 2011, I learned, the U. S. Department of Education changed the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, allowing schools to release student records to third-party organizations without parental consent.

Follow the money and the players involved, including business magnate Bill Gates and Pearson Education, a publisher of textbooks and assessments. Gates’ foundation reportedly invested more than $2 billion in the writing, development, implementation and promotion of Common Core. Pearson reportedly receives $15 to $30 per student per assessment.

Minnesota has adopted only Common Core’s English and literature arts standards. However, after discussions with principals, teachers and parents, I believe Duluth schools are implementing Common Core in both English and math. I am convinced Common Core State Standards are in Duluth’s public, charter and Catholic schools.

Some states have realized the consequences of Common Core and have pulled out, including Oklahoma, Louisiana, Indiana and South Carolina. Will Minnesota be next? Educate yourself, ask questions, attend School Board meetings and watch the Glenn Beck movie, “We Will Not Conform.” It’s showing Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Lakes 10.

Let’s unite in standing up for our children.

Mary Nelson


The writer cited as sources for this letter; “Always follow the money,” an article at; and the book, “Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education,” by Glenn Beck and Kyle Olson. To learn more about Common Core and the controversy and misinformation tied to it, the Duluth school district recommends visiting

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