I have known Duluth School Board member Art Johnston for many years prior to my retirement from the U.S. Forest Service (“‘A wrong was committed:’ School Board member defends his actions and has no regrets about role in partner’s work dispute,” June 22).

I will say he is extremely honest, dedicated and loyal to any function in which he is involved. He is very supportive of those who need help or who are close to him. He staunchly believes in honesty, truth and dedication to any task given to him. He is the type of guy who won’t roll over for any bully or windbag in the wrong. Johnston speaks his mind so others will have the chance to gain from what is right.

The people of Duluth should be honored to have such a person to speak up for them and to question decisions or thoughts of others in regard to any and all School Board actions. School boards are usually made up of people who form little elite groups which whine and cry when they don’t get their way. If a person has the courage to question them on what they want, that person is excluded.

Art Johnston has the courage to stand up for what is right, is honest and is not self-serving. Isn’t that the kind of person the people of Duluth should want on their School Board? Stand your ground, Art. I back you 100 percent.

Mike Baker

Rhinelander, Wis.