The DSSO Chorus, University of Minnesota Duluth Chorus and Minnesota Chorale join the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra for Verdi’s “Requiem,” an hour-plus piece that was used for liturgical purposes back in the day but has since become a work for concerts.

This was last performed by the DSSO in 2008 and a News Tribune reviewer said of the concert:

“This ‘Requiem’ begins and ends in near silence. The hushed opening by the full choir was stunning, even as the strings hinted at melodies that would resurface throughout the evening. The volume and intensity increased, and one by one, all four soloists entered the plea for mercy, only to return the emotion to a whisper with a religious confidence.”


GO SEE IT What: Verdi’s “Requiem,” Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra concert

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Symphony Hall, Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

Tickets: Start at $16; available at Ticketmaster outlets including and the DECC box office; call (218) 623-3776


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