Mela Amara's signature look involves a pair of black satiny combat-style boots with bold red, green and purple flowers. They are comfortable, have the perfect chunk of heel, and Amara had added sparkly laces.

She liked them so much, she bought them twice.

Amara, on a day trip to Northeastern Minnesota this past weekend, took off her boots in favor of tennis shoes while she was on Stoney Point on the North Shore. When she and her husband shifted to a different part of the beach, the boots, size 7, were left behind. She didn't notice until the couple returned to Minneapolis.

Amara has taken to the internet for help finding the Diva brand shoes, which have been her day-to-day shoes since she bought them a few years ago at DSW, and the pair she wore at her wedding in May.

"Longshot cry for help," she posted on Facebook on Tuesday alongside a picture of the boot. It has since gotten multiple comments and more than 350 shares. At least three people have gone out to Stoney Point to look for them.

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The boots weren't expensive, money-wise, but have sentimental meaning. They jumped out at her when she first saw them on the shelf, she said.

"I thought, they were so awesome, but what would I wear them with," she said Wednesday. "Then I had a dream about them that night. I woke up in the morning and thought 'What will I wear them with? Everything! I will rock them and they will be my boots."

Her first pair wore out, she wore them all around Greece, she said. Then a friend found the exact same pair in her size at a thrift store. She saved that nicer pair for her wedding and those are the ones that were left. The company, she's found, is no longer making them.

"They're my trademark," she said.

Amara said she doesn't expect to find the boots, but she was pleasantly surprised by the strangers who have gone to the beach looking and the people who have shared her Facebook post.

"That is hope in humanity restored," she said. "It was so heartwarming."

If you have a lead, you can message her at

This story originally contained a misspelling of Mela Amara's name. It was updated at 4:01 p.m. (Nov. 11) with the proper spelling. The News Tribune regrets the error.