FARGO — Because of a hereditary kidney disease, Dallas Gunkel needs a transplant. He is making a plea to find help in locating a donor that can save his life.

He has been receiving dialysis treatments three times a week since March.

"My kidneys function less and less and less," said Gunkel, a retired Minnesota State University Moorhead janitor.

The many appointments for dialysis make it hard for Gunkel and his wife to travel or plan much else.

"It is constant; I have to watch what I eat," Gunkel said. "(It's) tough to live."

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All this has brought him to making a public appeal. He is in search of a living donor, someone willing to give him a kidney.

Insurance would cover all the costs involved.

"I am an O (blood type) and an O can give to an A, but an A cannot give to an O. An O is universal," Gunkel said.

There is a benefit to getting a kidney from a living donor. Right now, Gunkel could get a call at any moment from Mayo Clinic where he is on the list to get a kidney from someone who has died. But if he gets a living donor, he can schedule the transplant.

Those interested in helping can email their information to maefitz@gmail.com.