Happy 50th, Jim and Lin!


50 years ago, gas was $0.36/gal. 50 years ago, it cost $.06 to mail a letter. 50 years ago, the Beatles disbanded.

50 years ago, James and Linda Busker were married on Nov. 21st, 1970 and so began their adventure. Chad (Anne) and Jackie are pleased to announce their parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. Jim and Lin exemplify hard work and dedication and together they inspire strength and unity in relationships. When asked what made their marriage work, Lin has often said, “You roll the dice and hope things go well.”

Jim and Lin, now retired, are enjoying a busy life of golf, hiking, fishing, and family, including two grandchildren, Mahren and Owen.

How fitting that the song ‘I Think I Love You’ by The Partridge Family was number one the week they were married.

With over 50 years, five decades, of compromise and dedication, it is no longer ‘I think’ it is ‘I do’.

Shine on, you  two diamonds!