Simonson for MN Senate

This letter is paid content. I write in support of Erik Simonson for MN Senate. Simonson is a life-long Duluthian. He served as a firefighter for 27 years and was elected President of the Firefighters’ Union. He was elected to represent West Duluth in the MN House in 2012, re-elected in 2014, and elected to represent all of Duluth in the MN Senate in 2016, where he currently serves as part of the DFL leadership team. Labor endorsed and known best for his strong support of working families, Simonson has also provided courageous leadership on several controversial issues, including the need to address the reality of human-caused climate change, support for some gun control measures, support for gay marriage, support for raising the minimum wage, and support for raising taxes on the top 2%. The DFL Primary Election is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11. Early voting is already underway. For information go to:

Richard Hudelson

Duluth, MN