Paid Political Letter: Schultz is our Intergenerational Choice for Civil Liberties

As a father-daughter duo, we voice our support for Representative Jen Schultz for Congress.

According to Congressman Pete Stauber’s website, “Life, liberty, and freedom is the cornerstone of Pete’s campaign.” Yet, his statements and voting record are against these ideals for many of his constituents.

On his website Congressman Stauber is described as “...fighting against tyrannical mandates wrongly imposed by Joe Biden and Tim Walz on our businesses, schools, and our own personal medical decisions.” Meanwhile, Congressman Stauber voted against three recent acts that defended personal medical decisions, regarding reproductive rights.

I (Alivia McIntosh, age 17) have completed several projects regarding Roe V. Wade. As I did my projects, I would never have imagined I would need to protest, as they did almost 50 years ago. While I (Chris McIntosh, age 44) was proud to stand next to my daughter at a protest, I was horrified that it was necessary.

Representative Schultz stated “As a state legislator I have supported & sponsored bills protecting access & voted against anti-choice bills. When I’m in Congress I’ll fight to pass legislation guaranteeing the fundamental right to access abortion.”

Congressman Stauber inexcusably voted against the Respect For Marriage Act, which would protect same-sex marriage. Regarding his vote, he slyly wrote “The ability for people to marry whomever they choose already exists.” Yet, he is fully aware that Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that the decision guaranteeing this right should be reconsidered. Representative Schultz understands the act’s necessity, she wrote… “Marriage equality is under attack by SCOTUS—this bill is needed!”

Although Alivia is too young to vote in this election we both understand its importance.

Representative Schultz consistently states that the people are her priority. She is the only candidate that can viably win an election over Congressman Stauber and represent those he leaves out.

Alivia and Chris McIntosh
Duluth, Minnesota