Paid Political Letter: Ryan Wilson for State Auditor

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement. This fall, voters will ask for new directions or rest on familiar continuations. If you’re interested in someone who wants to be part of the new, vote Ryan Wilson for State Auditor.

As the Feeding Our Future scandal continues to unfold, its revelations beg the question as to whether the current state auditor’s office encouraged a certain civil inattention toward its responsibility as custodian of citizen tax dollars.

Wilson will bring increased professionalism to the auditor’s office. He will improve financial accountability measures for, between, or, in some cases, among entities that receive state funding. As an attorney and MBA, Wilson possesses the knowledge necessary to develop more authentic audits, strengthen the investigation division of the auditor’s office, advocate for improved deadline compliance, and institute fuller public disclosure of bad actors, all while supervising the complex, ongoing daily management functions of this office.

Wilson believes that his first loyalty as an elected public official is to the tax-paying citizenry of Minnesota rather than to individuals or organizations that make a claim on the resources those taxpayers provide; perhaps a new departure from the general way of state government?

Thomas Vaghn
Senate District 8 Republicans
Duluth, Minn.